Holmfirth Conservation Group

Our constitution

The group was formally registered as a CIO on the 19th April Charity No. 1172636. We have widened our membership so that anyone or any group with an interest in Holmfirth can become members with voting rights on the proceedures of the group. We currently have 125 members. In our December 2016 newsletter, we explained that we had opened membership to all on our mailing list with the opportunity to opt-out. We encourage local groups and individuals with an interest in Holmfirth and the Holme Valley to become members by registering through our website (Contact’s page).


Holmfirth Conservation Group (HCG) is committed to involving all groups and interested parties. We are working closely with Holme Valley Parish Council, Holme Valley Vision (HVV), River Holme Connections formerly River 2015, HEAD (local business association) and Keep Holmfirth Special and Holme Valley Civic Society. A group of Duke of Edinburgh Award students were involved during the summer of 2016. We encourage other groups, youth, senior and interest groups to become members.

HCG believes that community involvement is the most powerful tool we have to preserve and enhance our town.

We are committed to good communication with all interested parties and we constantly look at new ways of reaching out so that the group is representative of the wider community. To this end, we have regular newsletters, a facebook page and this website which will be regularly updated to reflect the work and progress.

Community Involvement

This is essential to ensure an effective successful outcome. Trustees and members will continue to work together to decide on the points of action for the wish list once the draft appraisal is written. There will be regular open meetings to report and to obtain the community’s views of progress and strategy.

At the present moment we rely on the goodwill of individuals and groups. Besides what the team contributes, experts and consultants in their fields have advised on design of survey forms, the use GIS software (essential for displaying data in layered graphical form which is easy to read and inform) and the development of an interactive website.

HEAD ((Holmfirth Enterprise and Development) and Keep Holmfirth Special have generously provided us with funds to enable us to hold our open meetings.

The One Community Fund (Longley Farm Fund) together Holmfirth and Meltham Lions, Rotary and IHBC have given a grant towards an Interpretation Board which will lead folk on a trail of discovery. Upkeep of the board, which is located opposite Bramble will be maintained by Holme Valley Parish Council.

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